Gombah today! He’s a Happy Cat …Chapter 10


Like most pet owners, our family has settled in to be good housekeepers for our cat, Gombah. He lives quite nicely and enjoys a pampered life. He is fed first in the morning, after his dishes have been cleaned. Nello, who didn’t want him in the house, cleans out the litter box every day which is kept on the adjoining porch. That area is called ‘Gombah’s apartment’, since he lounges in there most of the time. He has 24/7 access to this room, through the special cat door we bought for him. The porch abounds in many plants and warm throw rugs. (There are dual fans for hot days).   He has pet cushions on all the chairs and a stash of ‘cat grass’ for snacks.

Nearby is his grooming table, and yes, Nello does most of the brushing each morning before we ALL breakfast. The grooming is essential as cats do not groom like they did when they were younger and it keeps his soft rabbit-feel fur clean, soft, free of tangles and dander.   And less hair all over the house.

After grooming and a few petting marathons, we ALL breakfast in the breakfast nook.  Gombah eats only 40% protein food due to his diabetes, with a few catnip treat bites thrown in.  He looks forward to Saturdays when he gets ‘beef with gravy’.

After breakfast, Gombah retires to the porch to meditate looking through the panorama windows, ‘his’ backyard to make sure no creatures are evading his territory. Not that he would or could do anything about it. Birds and nearby ducks from the pond sometimes wander by and Gombah practices his ‘do not walk on my lawn’ meow to them.

Once a salamander evaded his porch space, and Gombah – out of practice with predator skills, ‘pawed’ it, and the salamander latched onto the cat’s paw and his dragon spikes appeared on his back.  Gombah’s blood pressure which normally is about 2 over 1 shot up considerably if the size of his enlarged eyes was an indicator.  He tried to shake the ‘monster’ off to no avail, and I had to intervene.   That was his last stand against the ‘jungle out there on the porch’.

After some romps on his toy contraption, and batting the ball a little, he ‘naps’ on it for awhile before he takes turns in the guest rooms following the sun around the house.

He snacks during the day but stays within his 14 pounds quota and is quite healthy from the 2 shots a day insulin Nello gives him. He and Nello still take their afternoon nap together.

When we first made him an indoor cat, he would fly away whenever anyone visited and not be seen again until they left. Now, he hovers and purrs when anyone ~ even the pest treatment person ~ comes in and Gombah begs to be petted. We suspect he has a Petting Addiction.

Gombah is not without his 15 minutes of fame.   He was shown on a TV news short about indoor/outdoor cats pros and cons and  he was featured on the front page of a local paper’s “neighbor’s pets”.  Of course, he is always, ‘our star’.

He is our joy, companion and housemate. One of the family, he is treated accordingly with respect and good manners and he has rewarded us with the same in return. All pet owners ‘know’ their pets understand everything they say and are humans in disguise. And we are no exception. He is our child in retirement; our kids are jealous and tell us how spoiled he is. They say this while they are petting and cuddling with him. He also has a Cuddling Addiction.

He is 14 now and not only did we let him come into the house ~ he now owns it.

~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~

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