A Teacher’s Opinion of Common Core Curriculum

Status Update  By Deborah Lang

( With permission I am reposting this very raw and honest narrative from a teacher with regards to her having to implement Common Core in her classroom:)

I believe in giving an honest answer when asked an honest question. Today, after I’d walked my class through the steps of a (now required) pretest over material we have yet to cover, a young man asked me a question that surprised me. “Mrs. Leis, with all the changes in education, would you recommend teaching as a career?” My daughter is in that class. I think she was as surprised as the rest of the kids when I answered, “No.”

This profession I have so loved has been hijacked by the Common Core. Those who endorse it (big money investors, special interest groups and big government) will spin the truth about Common Core to make it appear to be a fix for what they call a broken system. $ talks. Even the NEA is pumping out pro-CC propaganda.

I believe you can rarely regain what you have surrendered. Under CC, we teachers are no longer here to serve children. We are voiceless servants of Bill and Melinda Gates and others like them. We are part of a machine that threatens our future liberty and sacrifices our talents as well as the untapped potential of our young. We teach to the test. We channel our time and energy into churning out paperwork, recording irrelevant or pointless data and holding on to the incomes we depend on.

We allow legislators to dictate our curriculum and wait as the software and computer industries stand poised to profit from a carefully crafted takeover of our country’s education system.