Experts predict these top 10 occupational job openings through 2018


 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following occupations will have the most job openings between now and 2018. These job openings occur due to the creation of new jobs or because workers retire, leave their positions or other reasons.

Listed are the top 10 occupations that experts agree are the jobs will be are sorted according to the level of typical educational requirements of a graduate degree.

Total Job Openings predicted for 2014-2018 of Occupations Requiring Graduate Degree

553,000 jobs for Postsecondary Teachers

251,000 jobs for Doctors and Surgeons

240,000 jobs for Lawyers

218,000 jobs for Clergy

106,000 jobs for Pharmicists

94,000 jobs for Educational school counselors

79,000 jobs for Physical therapists

66,000 jobs for Medical scientists

61,000 jobs for Mental health & substance abuse social workers

61,000 jobs for Instructional coordinators

Marie Coppola Revised August 2014


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