How to Spread Ebola for $1,800

Uncle Sam has spent the past decade and a half frightening you out of your basic rights. He listens in on your phone calls… he practically takes naked pictures of you at the airport… and he’ll tell you he’s doing it for ONE reason.

 We are fighting the most frightening undeclared war in American history.

There are terrorist cells in every corner of the world — even sleeper cells right here in America — just waiting for an opportunity to create the next 9/11.

Or something worse.

But there’s a new terror hitting American soil, and it’s our own politicians unleashing the carnage. Countless American lives may be at stake right now, thanks to the single greatest risk to your safety — and your life.

Political correctness.

Ebola, one of the most gruesome deaths on the planet, is burning like a brushfire through Africa — and it’s now reached America. The same global health officials who claimed the disease was “contained” now admit it may infect 1.4 million people worldwide… and counting.

Just days ago, our president stood before the United Nations and declared Ebola an urgent national security threat. So why the heck isn’t he halting flights from infected regions of Africa to the United States?

The truth is, he’s jeopardizing your life so he doesn’t have to hurt some Third World politician’s feelings.

And the damage has already been done. Right now we have a confirmed Ebola case in Dallas, and it appears the patient recently arrived from Africa. We don’t know if this patient has infected others — but there’s no doubt a travel ban could have prevented the whole ordeal.

But you don’t need some accidental tourist to bring Ebola into America. Any terrorist with $2,000 to spend could do the job.

Did you know you can book a flight from Freetown, Sierra Leone to JFK for just $1,800? Right now. You could be spreading Ebola across America in less than a day’s travel time.

And if you think this is a bridge too far for the ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists of the world… if you don’t think they’d attempt this kind of suicide mission… remind yourself that these are the same crazies who strap bombs to their chests.

Except an Ebola outbreak would be much more terrifying.

While Obama is acting like the top rooster on the world stage, you and I are sitting ducks. Your safety… right now… is in the hands of Third World airport security and America’s porous borders.

Contact your elected officials today and DEMAND that we halt all air travel between America and nations infected with Ebola. Because it’s high time we stopped protecting foreign politicians’ feelings — and started protecting Americans instead.

W.C. Douglass, M.D.

October 2014