A Life-saving part-time job

Part-Time Position Open for Anyone Interested

  • Wanted:  Anyone who wants to increase their productivity.
  • Skills needed:  Discipline, dependability, and reliability.
  • Responsibilities:  Ability to work alone and produce lasting results.
  • Working hours:  30 minutes to one hour daily.
  • Dress Code:  Casual.        **Bonus:  Life-Saving

In these technological times, many workdays are spent sitting in front of a computer.   Whether you are an information system analyst  or work at home, many hours are spent sitting at your desk answering emails, creating spreadsheets, preparing PowerPoint presentations or attaching business documents in Microsoft Works or Word.  We even ‘do’ our social life online – shopping online,  on medias like Facebook to connect with old friends, reminisce and get reacquainted, make new ‘friends’, and post pictures of our mates and kids.   People complain that Facebook has taken over their lives but  considering how popular it is, it is a choice they choose.  And we all  sit and sit.

If, after hours of sitting in front of a computer screen, the worker may opt for relaxing after dinner to watch TV or spend more time sitting  catch up on personal emails or other PC-related video games.   These folks lives are called ‘sedentary lifestyles’.

Sedentary lifestyle is a medical term used to denote a type of lifestyle with a lack of physical exercise.  We have morphed into a society that spends many hours sitting down.   Being sedentary makes you more susceptible to diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and other health conditions.   Surprisingly, it also makes you tired, sluggish, and mentally inactive.   You need to move around, get your circulation going and rev up your metabolism.

How much time do you spend living your life sitting down ?

Do you exercise regularly?   The part-time job listed above is a mandatory part-time position for all of us who spend a large part of the day  sitting down & working at a desk or on a computer.   The part-time job is important to be performed the same as you perform your full-time one.   You must report to it every day and mentally hit the time clock reporting in and out.  No personal days or sick time.

It is habit forming and more effective if you ‘report’ to your secondary ‘job’ the same time everyday.   If you work at home, tell friends and family that you took on a part-time job every day from 11:00 pm to noon or whenever is convenient to ‘do the job’.   It may be that there is an exercise program on TV that you can work out with; if not, put on your sneakers and go for a walk or dance to your favorite music.

During the day, it’s important to get up from your chair, stretch and walk around for a few minutes – even if it is to get a glass of water.   Don’t leave water by your desk; get up and get a drink.   Exercise your eyes by rolling them from side to side and look out the window at a distance since you have been working close up and in a glare.  You’ll feel better and can continue to work in a few minutes.

You can still have your part-time job at the office – it may have to be on your lunch hour, but it will be more beneficial to you than if you go to the lunch room and just sit again.   If your company has walking trails or an exercise room, discover them on your designated half-hour.  If not, use  your time to walk the halls and if there are stairs, use them.  Don’t stop and talk and chat — look like you are busy and going somewhere in a hurry.  You are.  You are in a hurry to improve your health.   Afterwards, you can always have a yogurt or power bar.


Forget the cup of coffee or candy bar to keep you going.   After the initial ‘high’, you get the physical and mental let-down and feel even sleepier.    Get up and shake your booty.

Marie Coppola  July 2015