Flag Day is July 14th


Flag Day is observed on June 14.  It began on June 14, 1777, when the Second Continental Congress made a resolution about a flag for our country.

“Resolved, that the Flag of the thirteen United States shall be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the Union be thirteen stars, white on a blue field, representing a new constellation,” it said. 

How did it come about?  The flag was honored on June 14, 1877: “As instructed by Congress, the U.S. flag was flown from all public buildings across the country,”

William Kerr, was involved in setting up the National American Flag Day Association in 1889.  It is said that Kerr would meet multiple U.S. presidents as part of the years he spent trying to make Flag Day be recognized.

After speaking with Kerr, President Woodrow Wilson wrote  “I therefore suggest and request that throughout the nation and if possible in every community the fourteenth day of June be observed as Flag Day with special patriotic exercises.

President Harry Truman later signed Flag Day’s permanent observance into law in 1949.   Flag Day is not a federal holiday but is a state holiday in New York and Pennsylvania.  Some places in the United States hold Flag Day parades. Presidents have also issued proclamations for National Flag Week.

Since these patriotic beginnings, the Flag has been burned, spit on, misaligned and disrespected by people who will not honor it and don’t think America is good.  A past president once remarked  the Star Spangled Banner should be changed because it incites violence with ‘bombs bursting in air’.   Had that president read the story behind the bombs bursting in air, he would have realized that countless men died from bombs bursting in air to keep the flag flying.  It denotes bravery, sacrifice and love for one’s country.  And victory for one’s country.

For most of us, the Flag is raised on patriotic holidays and respected.   Our military and veterans have offered their lives to keep the Flag a symbol of America’s freedom and bravery.   Today, our country is being divided by those who want America’s culture to change – be it not repeating the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag or taking down replicas of the flag or discerning the flag at sports.  A small share of the population does not want it to fly at events,  businesses or even in our own homes.   They want us to listen to them and their bad remarks about our country when the majority of sports & celebrities have made their fortunes from this country of the flag they are ‘harmed’ by.   What hypocrisy.   They make up stories of how the flag causes riots and they burn them.  What audacity.

The majority of Americans give homage to our red, white & blue flag.   It is more than patriotic; it denotes respect, gratitude and belonging to a country that is the best in the world.    Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.   Those who are ‘harmed’ by the flag should seriously consider moving to another country.   Why haven’t they?

Marie Coppola  July 11, 2019