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Personal Ad:   I am a male seeking friendship and love in a committed relationship.

Age, gender, size, race, ethnic background not important. I'm seeking someone who will share my love, trust and devotion. I offer friendship, companionship, stability, loyalty, patience, kindness, and understanding. I will share the good and the bad with you and promise to always tell you the truth in all things.

I love people, family, children, animals, and all living creatures. Family is very special to me especially my saintly mother and my loving father, who is my mentor, protector and guides me in all things. I enjoy mingling with crowds but I also have times when I like to be alone. I like to take walks up in the mountains and also in the desert. My time is usually spent with my friends, especially, Peter, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I live my life to treat others as you would have them treat you. And I would lay down my life for my friends. As I will for you, if we become soul mates.

Pastimes? I enjoy fishing and spending time by lakes and the water. Work?   I am a carpenter by trade, but have also worked as a rabbi, physician, healer, counselor, and teacher. All these positions have introduced me to many people, whom I helped with their problems, and taught them what I learned from my father. I could tell you miraculous things about these people. I will when we meet. Some of these miracles are written up in a book that is a best seller.   I would never lie to you.

It would be wonderful if we could meet somewhere and get together. Perhaps you would like to meet me, too, and get acquainted. We could break bread together and have some wine; and you can tell me all about you. You can pick the time and place; I'm available all hours of the day. And I am willing to travel to any place in the world. You should know that worldly things like what you look like or how you dress, or what car you drive and what kind of house you have or neighborhood you live in, don't matter at all to me. Same thing with money and jobs; they are superficial to who you are, what you're about, and what your heart desires. I'm hoping that it is me.

I am a good listener. You can tell me your plans, your desires, your joys and your grief. If you let me, I can share all your joys and share all your fears and problems. If you have worries or am depressed or feel lonely and alone, I promise that I can make you feel better. If you desire it, we could have a strong, binding relationship; maybe even be soul mates for a long and committed time; hopefully, forever. I won't pressure you; you take your time. But you should know, that If you open your heart to me, I will always be there for you. I will never leave or abandon you. That's a promise. My love for you will be forever - eternally.

I'm looking forward to becoming someone special in your life; maybe a best friend, maybe even more. I'll let you decide who I can be in your life. I will treat you like the special and unique individual that you are. If you ask anything of me, I will answer you and God willing, give it to you.

I hope you will call me soon.  At any time.  I'm always around and I will always make time for you.  If and when you call, there will be no waiting for me to answer or the chance for the call to go into voicemail; I will personally answer on the first ring. I want you to feel secure that you can always reach me whether in an emergency or just to chat or say hello. By the way, when you do call, my contact number is the same as my name 5-3787 -- Jesus.

I will be so very happy to hear from you.

 © Marie Coppola revised February 2019