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Add ‘Core Competencies’ to your work profile, resume & performance appraisal

With emphasis on downsizing positions and the increase of technology in the workplace, businesses in the past ten years or so, have implemented core competencies to replace standard resume language, such as achievements (titles, depth of work) knowledge (education) and expertise (previous experience).

Competencies refer to capabilities, skills, abilities, and proficiencies including expertise and experience (depth and breadth). Competencies are broken down in two types: technical and non-technical.

Technical Competencies are the actual skills and experiences listed on a person’s resume.

Non-technical competencies are usually defined as professional and personal skills, including motivational values. Employees can be assessed in their competency interests and levels as well as for further development. Many companies provide competency development for new supervsors or managers.

Businesses have training programs and developmental programs designed to assess and improve leadership skills through developing core competencies. The employee will learn to enhance a strength, bring a medium skill to a fuller strength, work on a weakness or untested area or compensate for an overused strength.

The purpose is to bring employees to a higher level and invoke a competitive edge in the business world.

Some core competencies for all employees are:   Initiative and Creativity;   Judgment; Cooperation/Teamwork;   Quality of Work;   Reliability;   Commitment to Safety; and  Support of Diversity.   Many of these competencies are important for supervisory and/or managerial positions.

Some employee job-specific core competencies are: Job Knowledge/Technical Knowledge; Quantity of Work;  Communication;  Customer Service;  Problem Solving,  Attention to Detail; Flexibility;  Organization,  Staff Development;  Quality Control,  Good Feedback and  Innovation.

Some competencies for Higher-Level Management are: Values and Ethics;  Strategic Thinking; Communication with subordinates,  partners, organizations;  Financial and Organizational Management;  Budget and Resource Management.

Core competencies can work for you in retooling your resume and future job expansions.  They are also used as objectives in performance reviews.

Marie Coppola ©  Revised December 2013

Ref: Career Architect; Fermilab