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A Valentine to You from God ~

By Ron Quinlan, a special guest writer. 

A Valentine to You from God  

My beloved child,

Yes, you are my beloved child. I know this is hard for you to believe. You see all your mistakes and failures, all the times you lost your temper, all the times you’ve hurt people, all the times you stayed away from me. You look at yourself and see your failures.

I look at you and see your beauty. I see the love you’ve given to those you encountered in your life. I see the times you tried to love others, all the times you’ve given of yourself. I see a beautiful person struggling to become the person you were created to be.

There is a beauty and love deep inside of you. Right now you may not see it but someday the whole world will look at you and see this rare beauty, someone very special and unique, a gift to the world, my gift and my beloved child.

So often you’ve been afraid of me. You run and try to hide, hoping that I won’t notice your mistakes. You run, doing everything you can to stay busy, too busy to think, to talk to me. You run but I long for your company. I long to shower you with my love, to pour my blessings upon you. I yearn to comfort and console you, to be there for you in your pain. My desire is to take care of you. My passion is for you to come to me, seeking me, to know and love me.

I want you to know that I know everything you ever done and I love you with a passion so intense that human words can not describe it. Your past is forgiven and forgotten. I remember nothing you confessed. I passionately desire to forgive you everything. All you have to do is repent and confess.

Come to me; come so that I may pour my blessings upon you. There is so much I want to give you. I want to do so much for you. I want you to know my peace. I want to set you free from the guilt that robs your joy; from the fear that plagues you, from the worry and anxiety that is tearing you apart. I want you to know my joy, to know my freedom and love.

Come, now! There is nothing you have to change or do, no improvements you have to make before you come to me. Come as you are. I love you exactly as you are. Just, come!

Marie Coppola  February 14, 2013

A Coincidence? ~ Or a Godwink?

There are events or occurrences in life that make us wonder if they are really coincidences or is God talking to us through "godwinks".

I have read a book titled  “When God Winks at You” by SQuire Rushnell. It is a great, little 232-page book of short stories about famous and not-so-famous persons who experience what they believe are “special messages from God ~ a godwink ~ to let them know that He’s there and that He’s listening”.  And maybe telling you something.

Sometimes it’s directed to the person and sometimes it’s through others. We all experience these moments – a connection through someone or a chance occurrence that makes one think, “that was strange.” We can learn to recognize and appreciate them as messages – if we only keep our minds, eyes and heart open to them.

I just had one.   At a church fair recently, my eye spotted a necklace at the jewelry booth. It was a rose replica that was the exact design and material of a pin that my mother used to wear many years ago. Recently, too, I gave this pin to my sister because her middle name is Rose ~ the same as our mother’s name. I had kept my mother’s pin for over 20 years and this vintage necklace was the same style rose as hers.

I put the necklace down thinking that I would come back with my purse and buy it later.

I went back to the area where I was working with a church parishioner named Carly.  Carly mentioned to me that day that her marriage broke up after over 20 years, and her husband was seeing someone else. She was going through a rough time. She felt that her faith was helping her through this stressful time by giving her signs that it would all work out. I mentioned the “When God Winks at You” book ~ how it might help her ~ and if I saw one I would pick it up for her.

An hour later, I took a lunch break and perused the used books tables and the first book I saw was “When God Winks at You”.  Thinking this was a godwink as I had just mentioned it – I purchased it and brought it to her. She was surprised and thanked me profusely. We joked that ‘it was a godwink”!

A short while later, I went back to the jewelry booth to see if the necklace was still there. It was off the display where it had been hanging. Feeling disappointed and turning to leave, I looked down and there was the necklace at the tip of my shoe. I picked it up and marvelled that it was not only still there ~~ but right in front of me. I just stared at it.


The seller looked at me and asked if something was wrong, and I just said, “This is just like the rose that my mother used to wear.” She told me to enjoy it as a gift from her.

Returning to the room I was working in, I told one of the ladies there what happened. Carly heard me and rushed over – she looked at the necklace and exclaimed, “That’s the necklace I donated to the church for the fair!”   A double godwink?

All throughout my lifetime, I experienced what my mother always said to me, “When you give someone something, you get it back threefold.” This has always happened to me. Once I lent a dress to a neighbor who had even less at that time than I did. She was going to a wedding and I offered my dress to borrow. My mother had bought it for me (it was my only formal dress at the time).

The neighbor came over before the wedding, all dressed up in that dress and looked beautiful. It did such wonders for her esteem and she was so happy that when she returned it a few days later, I impulsively told her to keep it – that it looked much better on her.

A few days after that, my mother, who knew nothing of this, stopped by with three new party dresses for me that she happened to find on sale.

I never think about getting something in return when I give, but it always happens in some way. I gave my sister my mother’s rose and I got my mother’s rose back. A coincidence or a godwink?

Marie Coppola  © November 2012