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I REALLY hurt my back — Just Call me Ms. Scissorhands


I did the most stupid thing exactly one week ago. I forgot to lift with my legs and lifted instead with no brains. The minute I picked up the 500 pounds (well it felt like it was that heavy) basin of a soaking blanket, my brain engaged and warned me that I made a terrible mistake.


Nothing left to do but drop the basin all over the floor and lament that my back was probably broken.

It’s not broken, and it still hurts after one week although not as bad, but I’m still lamenting.

I totally empathize with all of you who have back pain – it’s really a pain in the butt, too, because it radiates ~ not in the nice way a bride looks ~ but spreads like poison ivy that affects other parts of your body. Why do the butt, legs and sides hurt, too?

The only thing that has kept me from grouching 24/7 – it’s down now to about 6/3 – all because of my BFF — my Metal Reacher.





We have two in storage because a family member had hip surgery and it was supplied to him at the hospital. This is the best gadget I have ever used. I walk around with it constantly  like I’m Edward Scissorshand’s sister.

In fact, even more so since I haven’t kept up with my grooming either.




But, the important thing is that these things WORK. You don’t have to bend down to pick up all the things you drop when you’re not walking right. And complaining. And dropping every single thing you touch.

Without straining yourself, they reach things, like cookies on the top shelf to comfort you, or the remote that keeps slipping off the couch while you are resting.

They are also known as ‘Reachers and Grabbers’ And they are NOT expensive.

More things my BFF reachers and grabbers can do:

  • Put down a toilet seat if you live with a male(s)
  • Pick up strings and fuzz on the carpet
  • Pet your cat (they get used to it)
  • Reach items on the table without asking someone to pass it for you
  • Take things out of a top loading dryer
  • Take things out of the hamper
  • Get your husband’s attention by clamping onto his shirt
  • Could be used as a weapon if self-defense is needed
  • Great to put socks on and off

I LOVE these things. So much so that I plan to wear them to church this Sunday.


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