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Forgive them, Father…….



Dear Jesus,

On the  Thursday before Easter Sunday, you agonized in the Garden of Gethsemane awaiting your destiny of rejection, torture, humiliation and  debilitating pain.  You submitted willingly to Our Father’s Will be done.  For us.

It is difficult to read or watch visuals of what was done to you.   You did it all for us.   All of us.  It’s also very difficult to watch the people you died to give salvation to,  turn their backs on you and worse, reject your deity and teachings.

You, as the Word, beautifully show us the Way, the Truth and the Life.   You show us that through You, we know Our Father in Heaven.   And now we are repeating your words, “Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.”

You taught us about love and there is hate all around us.  You taught us about love of families and families have splintered.   You taught us about marriage between a man and a woman, and marriage has morphed into what the world wants, not what you taught us.   You taught us that marriage is important for procreation, but the world wants to abort babies, not create them. 

You gave us a new covenant but the world chooses greed, power, and  narcissism over sharing, humbleness and stewardship.    You taught us peace, church community sharing and honesty; instead we have violence, bullying and untruths. You promised us abundance if we follow your path, and instead the world has forged its own path of idolatry, selfishness, and ungodliness.  And it’s falling apart.

The Word tells us to praise and glorify God and the world tells us it’s superstitious, ignorant, and discriminatory to listen to your Words.   We are called extremists and radicals and they call themselves progressives and socialists.    We want to stay faithful to you and they want us to denounce or hide that faith.

There are many of us who believe in who you are and what you taught through Our Father.   And we also understand what you taught and how it will end.   Thank you for the gift of spirit that endures our faith. We’re sorry if the path leading to you is narrow and the path that leads away from you is wide.   But it is their choice and we were given free will to choose which one we will take. In the long run their choices are not long-lasting, and become unsatisfactory and unhappy.  And empty.

 “Eye  has not seen nor ear has not heard what God has ready for those who love him.” Thank you, Jesus, for making it possible.   On  Easter Sunday, we rejoiced  with you.  We love and thank you.  

Marie Coppola   Revised April 2019

Why Christians Cannot Just Shut Up

Recently I read a local newspaper column that blasted the Boy Scouts for taking so long to accept openly gay scouts. The attitude was that Christians should mind their own business and allow the rest of America to do what they want. Unfortunately too many Americans wish we shut up or go away. But can we do that? Aren’t we affected by the sin around us? Can we really expect God to allow this country to keep going the way it is and do nothing? The Bible says no and can be supported by history.

We seemed to have forgotten the stories in the Old Testament when Israel was punished for its sins. It is history. Israel and Judah were both conquered. The Temple was destroyed. Read the book of Judges, 1st and 2nd Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings and Chronicles. These books make the point clearly. When the Israelites strayed from the Lord their enemies, the Philistines and others were able to defeat them. When they returned to the Lord their enemies were defeated.

Should we ignore the lessons of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah? What about the conquest of Israel by Assyria? What about the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon and the exile? Shouldn’t we learn from the mistakes of the past? Doesn’t the Bible have ramifications for us today?

We are all concerned about Islamic terrorism today. 9/11 and Boston proves we’re not invulnerable. Our defense and security isn’t perfect. We are at risk. We live in a dangerous world. The presence of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons makes the world a deadly place. There’s potential for catastrophic war in Korea and the Middle East. China is a real concern. Our economy is still shaky. It wouldn’t take much to push us back into recession or worse.

We used to be the most blessed country on earth. Look at our history, our victories in World War I and II, the defeat of communism and the strength of our economy through most of the 20th Century. God’s blessings were obvious. Now with all that is going on We have to question if we’ve left God’s protection?

Are we worthy of God’s protection and blessing? Should a nation that has killed fifty million of God’s innocents expect protection? Should a land that blatantly defies His teaching on marriage expect protection? Will God ignore all that is done in the name of greed or prejudice? Should such a country be protected?

Could all of the natural disasters we’ve experienced be a wakeup call? Could God be attempting to get our attention? Was Sandy a call to repentance? Most people blindly ignore these or blame them on global warming. Can you explain the violence ripping apart our cities, the shootings at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Colorado and Arizona as global warming? What about Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Columbine and all the other mass murders? Our kids aren’t even safe in school.

So often liberals talk about a God of Love but is it love to allow us to go on hurting ourselves by our sins? Is it love to allow the exploitation of the poor by Planned Parenthood and others? Is it love to allow the slaughter of millions of innocent children for the sake of profit or convenience? Is it love to permit the emotional damage and pain suffered by millions in our society today? Or would love call us to repent of the very sins that hurt us and others?

Maybe it is time to seriously ask ourselves some questions. Have we’ve gone so far in our arrogance and sinfulness that God has abandoned us to the consequences of our sins? Has God accepted our invitation to leave us alone? Is it possible that we do in fact need God, that our problems are too big for our government, that we are doomed as a country without Him? Just look at how well we are doing.

As Christians we can’t be silent. For our own sake and the sake of our country we must continue to speak out against the path of destruction that our nation is following. We must also do more. We need to pray and pray hard every day for the conversion of our nation. It is the most patriotic thing you can do for our country. We need to speak out and take a stand against the immorality in this country, not only with our vote but also with our wallets. We need to refuse to support companies that promote immorality. Don’t just stand by while our country marches to destruction.

**This was published in the October issue of Christian Action News, a pro-life newsletter out of Florida.

13 Kids Die on the Street Every Day – The Street Kids of Anytown, USA

‘Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to drink? And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you, or naked and gave you clothing? And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited you?’ And the king will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’ Matthew 25:31-46

Recently I made the comment at a get together that now that we’re in South Carolina year round, there is no need to keep the winter coats we brought with us from up north and haven’t used in a few years. Someone suggested I donate them to the ‘street kids in Raleigh’ through ‘Stand Up for Kids’.

‘Street kids’? In Raleigh? Who are the ‘street kids in Raleigh’ and what is ‘Stand Up for Kids’?  (http://www.facebook.com/pages/StandUp-For-Kids-Raleigh-Metro-Serving-Raleigh-Durham-and-Chapel-Hill/349581744120).

I’ve learned that ‘street kids or street children’ is a term used to refer to children who live on the streets of a city who are between the ages of about 5 and 17.years old. It can be any girl or boy who has not reached adulthood, for whom the street or unoccupied dwellings has become his ‘place’ of abode. They are inadequately protected, directed, and/or supervised by responsible adults.

These kids hunker down under cardboard boxes, in old or abandoned buildings, parks or even just on the streets themselves. Why would kids leave their homes and take to the streets? For different reasons: family breakdown, poverty and hunger, physical and sexual abuse, exploitation by adults, being overcrowded at home or being disowned for something. It is estimated that 20-40 percent of all homeless teens are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.   There are approximately 2,000 persons homeless in the Triangle area each night…

Because these children live a discreet and secretive existence, accurate statistics on them vary but the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimates there are approximately 100 million street children worldwide with that number constantly growing. There are up to 40 million street children in Latin America , and at least 18 million in India and 10 million in Africa. The numbers are attributed respectively to failing economies, poverty and overcrowded conditions. The AIDS epidemic and civil wars in Africa have caused a surge in the number of street children as a result of the abandonment of AIDS orphans. Many studies have determined that street children are most often boys aged 10 to 14, with increasingly younger children being affected (Amnesty International, 1999.)

Street children may be found on every inhabited continent in a large majority of the world’s cities. The following indicates the global extent of street child populations. Latin America, India, Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Kenya, Philippines, Congo, Morocco, Brazil, Germany, Honduras, Jamaica, Uruguay.

Did you know there were so many homeless kids in the streets in the U.S.?

Currently there are 1.3 million homeless and runaway street kids in the United States, not counting children who were forced out of their homes, abandoned by the foster care system, or are part of a homeless family. Children make up 27 percent—the fastest growing segment—of the U.S. homeless population. When I researched this segment of the population, I learned that, unfortunately, there are street kids almost everywhere. Many times, they are overlooked by a city unless there is a jurisdiction policy of picking them up, in which case they may be returned to their abusive homes or incarcerated on minor charges. Not all states define a 15 year old as under age.

The average age of a homeless person in the United States is (9) nine years old, and there are many kids below the age of nine on the streets, some with their families, some living in cars, but most trying to survive on their own. Some of these children live in the streets and may go home occasionally or infrequently – if the home is still intact – for meals, and if they are provided. Their ‘homes’ may be in foreclosure, or there may be abusive treatment, which may result in the child or children to leave the home and live on the streets permanently. Children living on the streets are especially vulnerable to victimization, exploitation, and the abuse of their civil and economic rights.

Most runaway children do not realize the dangers of living on the streets. According to the National Runaway Switchboard, 75% of runaways will become involved in theft, drugs or pornography. One out of every three teens on the street will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.

A widely accepted set of definitions, commonly attributed to UNICEF, divides street children into two main categories:

Children on the street are those engaged in some kind of economic activity ranging from begging to vending. Most go home at the end of the day and contribute their earnings to their family. They may be attending school and retain a sense of belonging to a family. Because of the economic fragility of the family, these children may eventually opt for a permanent life on the streets. Children of the street actually live on the street (or outside of a normal family environment). Family ties may exist but are tenuous and are maintained only casually or occasionally.

So what is Stand Up for Kids? It is an organization that helps homeless and at-risk youths age 21 and younger. They have locations in many states in the U.S.  Here is their website:  http://www.standupforkids.org/

Marie Coppola Revised April 2013