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Good-bye to NABISCO

Since my toddler days, I can recall my  father, of Italian/American descent enjoying a breakfast tradition of a biscotti and coffee, sitting down at the breakfast table  with Nabisco's Uneeda Biscuits and a cup of coffee.

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As a schoolgirl, we often had Nabisco's graham crackers for our own breakfast.  Newly married, and during my pregnancies,  I ate only graham crackers for those nauseous mornings and later  I mixed graham crackers with formula or my own breast milk for my infants.  Graham crackers and milk were a staple for fast school-age breakfasts and included in the lunch bag as a dessert or snack.  As an adult, I reached for graham crackers on those winter-sick cold-virus days when food was not appetizing.   Or as a sneak low-calorie snack during serious dieting,

When I found out recently that Nabisco has already moved some and is planning to move its food operations to Mexico, I felt like I lost my family friend.   Quoting from the internet,

"This sort of thing seems to be a new trend among corporations.   Produce their product overseas where they can reap bigger profits because they use cheaper labor and usually don't have to deal with unions and I bet there are far less regulations & inspections by government agencies.  Their greed comes at a huge loss for us."

You can say that again - for me, too.  Along these lines, I have had several occurrences with overseas' products.  One was with a prescription medicine I take for a chronic issue.  My health provider sent me a generic brand which was made in a country I never heard of.    I checked into it because it caused itching attributed - according to my doctor - from the added green dye color.  I dropped the insurance company and went back to the brand name.   No more itching.

The second incident was a pair of shoes I ordered online - they cost $79.99 and were on sale for $51.99.  They have a sweet button on my toe line   I wore them on vacation and  developed infected burn blisters in that same sweet button design  engraved on my toes.    I investigated and they were made in China and similar to the children's burn marks from thongs made in China a few years back.  Bad investment.

Also made in China was catnip we purchased for our beloved cat which was packaged in the USA but made in China.  Fortunately for our cat, it was recalled (causing death in cats) before I gave it to him.   I will not buy anything anymore that is made in these unregulated countries - like China & Mexico.

I will not support American companies who are so greedy to take jobs away from Americans which affects our economy negatively and/or sell less regulated products for the same price and lead us down the path to third-world status.

"Mexico offers a certification option, but it doesn't require it. The US does spot checks – on farms and at the border – but requires no standards certification. The main exporters face standards dictated by third-party auditors demanded by American clients. But some growers, they say, do not have direct relationships with the end client in the US. They sell to brokers, and some are more lax than others. That, Usabiaga says, is where the danger to all looms."


Here is an article  from USA Today "Food Safety From Mexican Farm to Costco to your plate.

PS - Since Donald Trump called Nabisco out on 8/19/15 speech, the  Mexico regulation articles that were on the internet last night are 'coincidentally not available' this morning.

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Bringing Your Thoughts Into Captivity

By Darrell "Coach D" Andrews, CSP

Motivational Strategist, Accountability Coach, Speaker

Of all the things that are targeted on life, nothing is targeted more than your thoughts. Anything (or anyone) that can control what a person or people think, controls the outcomes of an individual, family and more damaging-society. That is why tools such as television and the internet are so powerful. Often they are the vehicle used to impact what people think, embrace and eventually take ownership of. I have watched people, even those I would call the elect (according to the Bible), deceived in their thinking as a result of national agendas, policies and societal expectations. Your mind, more than anything needs to be protected from influences that shape the wrong perceptions and leads you and I away from the truth of God's word. Especially in today's world. Proverbs 4:23 tells us, "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life." The heart in the scripture can be translated to "Your mind.”

Of all the things I have done in my life spiritually, the one thing I am most grateful for is memorizing and doing my best daily to live by the scripture 2 Corinthians 10:5 which states, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Paul proclaims many powerful truths in this scripture and the scriptures prior to this one as well. For instance in, verses 3 and 4 he states, “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” In a nutshell, this powerful set of scriptures are saying we need to take captive thoughts that try to pull us away from the truth of God’s word, and I would dare say do our best not to even allow them to challenge us. Our political interest, what we watch on TV, listen to musically and even who we associate with daily, impacts what we think. What we think, shapes who we are and this ultimately decides the course for our lives.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, you are not here to win a popularity contest, you are here to be an example to a lost and dying world. Based upon much of what I see today, I cannot tell who is a Christian and who is not. Just keeping it real. Our thoughts have been way to influenced by the world and I pray daily that this changes. A quick point of reference, I cut our TV off many years ago. We watch things, do not get me wrong, but we choose to watch what we want online without commercial interference. As a result, my 17 year-old son’s mind is not polluted with the filth that TV and many other medias bring. He is a respectful young man, focused and powerful in his spiritual convictions. The funny thing is many people think it is strange that he is not chasing girls, wearing his pants down to his ankles and looking a certain way. I laugh at this because they really think this is the norm and because since many youth today are doing it, so should he. This shows how thoughts can be manipulated by the world if you allow them. Our norm is not based upon what this world states, it is on what the word tells us. How can good in a young boy be interpreted as bad? Only in a worldview that is somewhat twisted!

So today make it a priority to bring your thoughts into captivity. Do not let negative thoughts proliferate your mind and take control of your being. You have power via God’s word to stop them in their tracks. You are made in God’s image and likeness, not mans. So man does not have the power to shape who you are. God already has. Do your best to protect this for your sakes and your families. If not, I believe that in a very short period of time, especially in the good old USA, the faith that we have stood for-for centuries, will be watered down to an afterthought. We who know the truth of God’s word need to assure this never happens.

It all starts in your mind!