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Influenza pandemics occur very rarely; there have been four pandemics in the past 100 years.

The phrase "New Normal" is a phrase that is used in many psychological, life transformations or any situation that changes the old way you did things to the new ways - hence 'the new normal'.   In our church ministry, it is used in grief situations after the loss of a mate or loved one - and the mourner is advised to seek a 'new normal' environment to adjust to their loss.  It is a successful tool. 

Here we are in the 3rd month of trying to find a 'new normal' during this first for us - a pandemic.  Praise God that Influenza pandemics occur very rarely; there have been four pandemics in the past 100 years. 

Sometimes the 'new normal' of the one we are experiencing now feels like it's been here for 100 years.  Has life changed?  Has anyone's life not changed from the Guidelines we are given?   

We have masks, gloves and Clorox wipes in plastic bags in our cars & pocketbooks.  We avoid contact if we are to be in the company of others, especially if one happens to sneeze.   [Don't wipe your nose with the Clorox wipe.]   Churches were shut down and now open - there are brave ones who sit a pew apart and pray that no one coughs or sneezes.   There are televised church sessions that many attend.   The fear of actually acquiring this or Influenza pandemics occur rarely; and hence the yearnings for Old Normal arise.   Like haircuts and doctor visits.  And going where you want with whom and how many.  And so many more. 

If someone wants to drop something off, you kinda detective question where the person was - how old they are - and do they mask & glove?  How are they feeling?   Can I leave it on the doorstep - they can ring the bell?   How's everyone in the family - oh the kids just got home from Disney?  Well, we aren't available that day.

The younger generation thinks it's all over, what's the big deal about getting the flu & aren't you over-reaching your safety?   The senior generation stays 'put' and goes out only for emergencies such as eating - and they cross-examine anyone who enters their home.   I am not making fun - because I am in that senior category.   So much so, that I convinced my husband that he is capable of 'cutting my hair' which was growing down my back.  He did it very well and now he is my hairdresser.   Well, for a little while anyway.  The salons are re-opening.  So are other businesses.   It is so great to see neighborhood kids riding their bikes and waving again.  Life goes on.   

If you know me, you know that I am a hugger.  Alas. hugging is not in the New Normal.  I get it about the new handshake - It just isn't the same offering my elbow to their elbow.   It rejects the 6 foot distancing as hugging does.   There was a news item showing two women hugging who had on plastic shower curtains.  Imagine if this becomes a New Normal?   We would have to Clorox down the shower curtains many times.  And one size will fit all?   Now I fully understand what "The Good Old Days" means.   Please come back!


Marie Coppola  May 2020