Monthly Archives: September 2020

We aren't a nation adrift. We are a nation divided.

I read Mr. Lee H. Hamilton's articles of August 27 and September 3rd and would like to comment on them. Mr. Lawrence is a long-serviced, awarded Democrat from Indiana and served 1964 to 1999. Thank you for your service. You must have seen a lot of changes in the government and I am commenting on some of your statements below:

LHH - "I’ve lost track of the times over the years I’ve heard a politician say, 'This is the most important election of my lifetime.' In fact, I’ve said it myself. And I’m sure we all believed it at the time. But in my case, at least, I know I was wrong in the past. Because this year’s election is the most important of my lifetime."

MC - I concur.  This election will either bring us together or separate us as we have never before been separated.  We can remain a Constitutional democracy or become a socialistic country which as we have seen in history never works - for the people.

LHH - "Americans’ trust in the election process is at best unsettled. Many are worried about foreign meddling of the venerable absentee ballot, and who talks constantly about “corrupt” elections. or otherwise compromised”.

MC - I agree with corrupt or compromised  - I have friends who worked at elections and are aware that 'major mistakes' can and do happen.  They happened in past elections and setbacks have already materialized in some states.

The Democratic party under Nancy and Chuck, et al, wasted three and a half years of Trump's presidency by impeachment proceedings and so began the division of our country .The same time waste happened at the Justice's hearings.  As Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee from 1993 to 1995 you must have been aware of some of these allegations.

LHH - This is actually one of the remarkable things about the American political system — the degree to which Americans over the centuries have placed their faith in election results, win or lose.

MC - This wasn't true in the last election. Hillary Clinton's defeat is still reverberating through the Democratic party who still lament the outcome.   Our president and his many accomplishments and his timeless energy are appreciated by everyone except the progressive, liberal government folks. This has caused division by progressive liberals aligning themselves with the media - who chant the same opinionated lies from channel to channel. They are blatant and speak against him.  Americans are tired of this destructive bad attitude and many Democrats agree with this. We need to give the Sitting President - whomever they may be - a man or a woman - respect & manners. He's given us many pluses - more than most who have been in office - and he needs Dems to work with him and not against him.

LHH - "Now, it’s not uncommon to hear charges of voter fraud, but study after study has found that actual voter fraud in the US is rare. It’s possible in a city or town, but if you think about how our national elections are run — in 50 states, each with its own rules, and each locality controlling the electoral process — it’s hard to see how fraud could take place on any sizable scale."

MC - I, personally, have received numerous emails from a Progressive Democratic group saying that my post office has been shut down by Donald Trump and if I give $$ to the Democratic party, they would reinstate it. Our post office is intact and working. What do they do with the money? I have asked many times to take my name off their list - only our Lord knows where they got my (and others') addresses.  I did report this to the post office administrator.

It has been said that whichever 'side' wins in this coming election, there will be "war in the streets". This is added to the fears from gossip and lies that Trump is not a good leader in the virus pandemic - he gives updates consistently and tries to give us faith and not fear in what is happening. It is the media, reporters & fake news that has caused much of the disruptions that are taking place in our wonderful country - and so-called 'peaceful protesters' rioting, looting, taking down statues, burning life-long businesses, killing seniors and children blatantly - happening in Democratic-states - why? It doesn't change anything they are against - why do they want the police defunded? Trump didn't do this - he offers aid but is turned down by state officials, The Dems can bring up that he doesn't wear a mask but they never talk about our past history and cities being destroyed - why not? This is what the media tells us daily - death, lock-downs, riots, murders, and virus statistics which have been found and verified as incorrect. Trump aims to keep up spirits and lessen fears.

We need to bring our country together - not apart. We are a capitalistic democracy - we do not want a socialistic or communistic government.  We don't want to be added to the infanticide list.  Many of us worked long hours & sacrificed to buy a house in the suburbs - we don't want them taken away to replace them with high rise buildings which can promote damage & harm from rioters/protesters.  A socialist government will take away our freedom of life and speech.