Global Leadership

In the past few days, the words Global Leadership has popped up - especially when it is mentioned that Joe Biden may be our next president.   So, what IS global leadership?

Global leadership is defined as leading people who are based in multiple regions of the world. They need to engage very diverse and distributed groups of stakeholders and colleagues to get things done.

 Global leaders need to lead people across 5 additional barriers – distance, cultures, time zones, communicating  through technology and navigating complex organization structures such as the matrix or network organization.

We have been involved lately with other countries because of the pandemic that originated in China.  Many people died.  Still are.  To this date, I have not seen or read that China is sorry about this tragedy and have tried unsuccessfully  to put blame on America.  Our Sitting President put a ban on travel as Chinese people were traveling all over and he helped keep those statistics down.  This is hardly global leadership.  He did most of this himself but was followed by other Americans.   Much of our history has shown that America has provided monetary assistance to many European & Asian countries; much of which was not returned.  And then expected; It became assumed that we would help.  When the President wanted other countries to assist, it did not happen.  So he stopped.  Will global leaderships do this?  They never did before.  America is divided, its citizens can't agree on many issues; add countries who are not too friendly with us - who will be in charge?

We have had good leadership from the Sitting president, who brought about many changes in our stock market, jobs, and positive reinforcements to America and our military.  He was in his first half year of presidency when the opposite political party started impeachment against him.  This continued for the next three years.   It didn't impede him; he had many positive reinforcements for America - for all.   Would global leadership have helped this?   I think not.  They are having problems with their own countries - when would our president have time & energy to stop the violence that has grown in our country from militant terrorists - someone has invited them in but not our sitting president.

America is a beautiful country.  Everyone wants to come live here.   Joe Biden wants to let all immigrants come in.  The wall that our Sitting president promised is well on its way but is now said it will be  brought down by Joe Biden.  Who will keep out visitors who have done and will do terrorist crimes? Sometimes, they are arrested and then let out or deported but sometimes they disappear in the USA and never found.  That means we will not have borders and anyone can come into our country.  It is said that 70,000 are on their way as I write this.   How can global leadership handle that?  Many foreign countries themselves expel persons, operate detention camps and then there's always Iran & Russia.  Some countries execute Christians.  Will they go along with our suggestions?  Is there a Santa Clause?  What about all the violence that went on here in the USA during these past months?  By a political party who spouted hate, insults and unbecoming language to the Sitting president.  Will global leadership teach them to not do that?

I note the remarks made in Mr. Hamilton's last article - he is also a Democrat - that during the pandemic we had a "major failure of government." That was not so - Donald Trump did everything possible.  He even wanted to stop the vicious wars, looting and killings at different cities which, by the way, were all Democrats - same as Joe Biden. Trump wanted to stop it with troops but all Democratic governors said no.  Maybe THEY should go global and learn about getting along with people.  Donald Trump had no misinformation as stated in his article.  He did his best, but with the fake media & unwilling political party who rips up his words, we can only pray for our country that God leads us into 2021.  I pray for all living in SC and in the world that peace, love & unity is found in the New Year.  God bless America.










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