Now Just Do It

I'm commenting on Mr. Lee Hamilton's opinion that "we all know what needs to happen, now just do it".  This new phase of our national life is in deep distress?   We are very divided and polarized.  It was made clear to those who are not Democrats that our country has succumbed to socialism and all the wisdom in the world won't seep through that idea.

Half of this country voted for Donald Trump and it wasn't about his hat.   The man did the most  for America that he could.   He worked and brought up morale - unlike the Democrats allowing their cities being torn apart and not wanting President Trump to stop it.  'We just need to do it?'  Go out into the streets and try to stop Democratic protestors hit seniors with steel pipes?   And then deny they were protestors but put there by Trump?   Not.  How do we turn to our traditional ways with these non-American Acts being done and lying about it?   It is evident that  Trump tried to rally the country back from all the violence & murders going on in Democratic cities but the Dems said, "No".  He was kept busy warding off a  ridiculous impeachment for the almost 4 years of his term of presidency.  Still is now that he is out of office.  Is that how we revitalize our democracy?  By lying and pointing fingers?

What happened to Dem's "attempts" to govern?   Did they govern at the spectacle of  Judge Kavanaugh admission to the Supreme Court?   This was compromise?  It was something our country will never forget,  Dems didn't have to bind up their own wounds.  They caused wounds to this man and his family - it was difficult to watch.   We need to 'bind our wounds'?   Why were they caused?  The Democratic party made a new face for themselves that day and it was mean. 

Yes, we need leaders who can communicate and talk to each other - not rip up speeches to gain attention.  What do our children learn from all these uncomfortable "truths" when they see the other party is responsible for what they say and do, too,   Nancy Pelosi and her crew showed the worst respect for a president of the U.S. we have ever seen - and it went world-wide.   Shame on the bad mouthing of our president  because he was popular - he said good things about America - and how we could make it better.   The Dems -  to my view - wanted the power and were willing to use any way they could get it.  They brought us down.   So did the media who were in their pockets.   False charges against the president from the Dems and confirmed by a rude and false media.   How do you bind those wounds?

Your last paragraph says we expect leaders to work together to solve problems.  Trump did more than many other presidents to solve USA problems.  He was also the proud husband of a lovely First Lady who was snubbed by magazines and other media.  Terrible remarks - the first of its kind in our country.  Is this America?  The Dems formed their own alliance to make it not work - they acted like spoiled children who want to get even.   Did they get even?   Or did we go from their swamp agendas of  'from the fire' into the frying pan?   74 million of us think so,


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